Grooming Tips for the Groom

Women have wanted to look their best on their wedding day. They take umpteen measures to ensure that everything is perfect right from their hair, skin to their gown and shoes. But what about men?

Well, if your bride is taking so many pains to look her best for you, its time you give up on your ‘I-give-a-damn-about-my-looks’ attitude. Gone are the days when only women used to indulge in skin care and grooming. Today it is equally essential for a man to maintain himself well.

After all, weddings are memories to cherish. You can proudly show the picture of a dashing debonair you to your grandchildren. So chill, and shed all your inhibitions and get going with the step one of your grooming regime.

Skin Care –

You wouldn’t want to look like a dull potato beside your radiant wife, would you? As soon as your wedding date is fixed, start looking after your skin. Cleanse your face with a good deep-pore cleanser that would remove all grime and dirt from your skin. Use a good Toner to close your pores and get rid of the excess oil and dead skin cells. Get your self a good moisturizer that would re-hydrate your skin after cleansing and toning, giving it a soft, shining and supple texture. Visit a good grooming salon to get yourself a professional facial a couple of weeks before your wedding. Once your skin adapts to the magic of facials, you will look no less than Pierce Brosnan, I bet!

Body Hair –

If you thought this was purely women’s department you are wrong. I’m not asking you to get waxed like women, but you’ve really got to do something about your body hair. I am talking about your nose and ear hair. Also consider trimming your armpit hair. Less hair would mean less bacteria and less bacteria would mean less odor. It is good to get rid of pubic hair also.
Shaving – For that perfect silken smooth shave here is a simple trick. Take a little bit of hair conditioner on your palm and massage it well in your wet unruly stubble. Leave for 3 minutes and rinse well with some warm water. We did this not because we wanted your beard to become smooth and silky but because we could soften your hard stubble so that you get a closer shave. Now apply your shaving cream/gel and shave using a sharp razor. Make sure you use slow and short strokes. Shave in the direction your hair grow. Shaving against the direction of your hair growth may cause redness. So be careful. If you sport a pepper look, then get your facial hair trimmed and tidied up by an expert a day before your wedding.

Hair Styling –

Hair are the most prized possessions for a man. If you wish to get a new hair cut for your wedding, it better be a week before you get married. If you just wish to stick to your old hair style and get it trimmed, then you can go for it a couple of days before your wedding. The advantage of getting your hair cut a few days before your wedding is that you will have enough time to adjust with your hair and may know just what to do with a bad hair day. You should also condition your hair twice a week to get that extra bounce and shine to your hair. Visit a salon to see what kind of a hair cut suits you. If you have any hair fall or dandruff problems, your stylist knows what can solve your problem.

Nails and Hand-care –

Trust me nothing puts a woman off more than dirty nails and body odor. Do not think of it as a ‘girlie’ thing but manicures and pedicures clean your feet and nails in a hygienic way. All they do is to soak your feet and hands in warm water and massage them with light oils and neatly cut your nails.

Oral Hygiene –

Good clean mouth and dazzling teeth beaming will not only mean a million dollar ‘just-married’ smile but also a satisfied wife. You wouldn’t want her to feel as if she is kissing a gutter hole do you? So whenever you brush your teeth, clean your tongue too. Because 80% of odor causing bacteria are found on the tongue. Floss regularly and use a good mouthwash. Keep chewing gum handy so that you can pop it after meals and keep smelling fresh throughout the day.

So Groom, groom yourself well with these grooming tips and look no less than a king on your D-day!

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