Every bride desires to look the best while she walks down the aisle amidst a cheering crowd. Even better within the folds of intimacy in her bedroom.

While so much preparation is gone into choosing the right gown that has the right fit and right look, lingerie sometimes an equally vital part of your trousseau is ignored.

Most of us might not be able to think beyond our white cotton brassieres and panties to buy ourselves a good lingerie.

Why is lingerie important?
Well, for two essential reasons. It gives you the perfect fit when you wear your wedding gown. The second important reason is that sexy inner wear makes you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you look sexy. And when you look sexy on your wedding night… well, that’s the idea… isn’t it? You wish to feel like a queen throughout your wedding and even after that. So you cannot really do without a lingerie.

What to buy?
The answer to this question depends on your need. If you want something to wear underneath your wedding gown, go to a lingerie shop with a picture of your wedding gown or your wedding gown itself. The salesperson may assist you with a proper lingerie to go with your gown. Make sure you try the lingerie first, see how it fits you. Spend some time looking in the mirror, draw deep breaths see if you can feel comfortable enough.

If you want some sexy sleepwear you have a huge variety to chose from. Chose something that will make you feel sexy and at the same time impress your partner. Usually coy brides  prefer Babydoll, Negligee, Chemise and nightgowns. But if you wish to go naughty you can floor him with a bolder forms of Babydolls, Negligees etc. You can even get into an enticing Catsuit.

If you are comfortable with your partner, you can let him get you a kind of lingerie that he would love to see you in. I’m sure it will keep passion and romance burning bright and hot throughout your memorable night together.

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