Man’s Guide to buying Lingerie

You would love your new bride to shed all her inhibitions when it comes your wildest fantasies in bedroom. But why is it that many men find it difficult to buy lingerie for your wife/girl as if it is walking a tight rope over Niagara falls.

Oh come on! You aren’t the only man in the world who wants to get your partner a lingerie. There are many men who do it, do it regularly, mind you.

But if its your first time. Don’t worry. Here are a few tips that can help you buy the perfect lingerie for your bride.

Step 1:

A lingerie, as you know works wonders in catalyzing the chemistry between you and spicing up your foreplay. You may want to dress your woman as per your fantasies but if you buy her something she wont feel comfortable in, you will get a perfect mood-spoiler for the evening. Remember, the thumb rule – Feeling sexy = Looking Sexy. Bring her something that will accentuate her best assets and make her feel comfortable, confident and sexy. She will surely shed all her inhibitions once she feels sexy and confident about herself.

Step 2:

You should know what you want to buy. There are so many varieties of lingerie to chose from. That can really confuse you if you do not know what to buy. So, one simple trick is to search the internet. You can type ‘lingerie’ on Google and check out what styles are available and what would look good on her.

Step 3:

Sizing is the crucial part. You wouldn’t want your lovely surprise to be too tight to breathe in or too lose to fit, isn’t it? But how would you find her size? If you cant ask her straight away, you can take a peek in her wardrobe. Take out one of her bras and read the size on that little label near the hooks. Check her panties, they have a size label too.

Step 4:

You might have increased your lingerie vocabulary once you get through Step 2, thanks to internet for that! You can go to any lingerie shop, preferably a good one. And pick up the style you like. Do not hesitate. Look around, see different varieties, designs and colors. Buy the color that you think would look good on her.

Step 5:

Get it gift wrapped. I’m sure she’ll shower on you a few extra kisses for being so ‘romantic’ and ‘thoughtful’ for this ‘lovely’ and sensuous gift.

Once you see her put on your favorite lingerie and set your heart racing, you’ll realize that it has been worth all the effort.

Good Luck!

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