Low Budget Dream Wedding

A Dream Wedding on a Shoestring Budget? You may find it paradoxical. But relax, you can save a lot of money and still have a celebrity stylish wedding without the celebrity stylish price tag. Here’s how you can save money


Your wedding venue is the spinal cord of your wedding expenses. If you decide to choose the most popular wedding venues you’ve got to do away with a lot of money. But if you want to save on that cost you can chose places like golf and rugby clubs and even village halls. “A dream wedding at a village hall or a rugby club???” I know that’s exactly what you are thinking. But trust me, if you get the place decorated well you can make the place look no less than the popular wedding venue.


This is the second biggest expense of your wedding. Bad food can be a terrible spoiler. You wouldn’t want your guests to remember your wedding for bad food, isn’t it. But that doesn’t mean you spend thousands on food. You can save a lot. Do not go for the existing venue caterers. If you get your own caterers at your chosen venue, you can save a lot. You can also keep the menu simple and edible. Some people try and make the menu extravagant with as many dishes as they can. Result is that people do not eat all of it and the remnants go straight in to the bin with all your money. Tasty yet simple mantra can work wonders for your Budget Dream Wedding.


This is the third biggest expense of your wedding. Can there be a party without booze? Certainly not. But how do you keep a check on the budget with the sky-rocketing price of liquor today? Choose a venue where you can arrange for your own booze. Getting liquor from outside on a wholesale price would be way cheaper than that provided by the venue. You can arrange a deal with the venue for a fixed amount of booze at a fixed price.


You might have imagined yourself walking down the aisle with your would-be a million times in your dream. You might have imagined yourself looking your best. And for that dream, you may purchase designer dresses that may cost you a bomb. Check the internet for some innovative bridal dress designs. If you like something, get it printed and take the picture of the dress to a lesser known designer. They may make you your dress in half the price that you would have paid at a boutique. If you don’t mind, you can also buy ‘pre-loved’ bridal dresses. These dresses are worn just once and put up for sale at a much lesser cost. You can get everything from gowns to tuxedos and from bow ties to tiaras well within budget.


With the advent of Digital Photography, things are much simpler and affordable these days. Photographers normally put all your pictures in a CD or a DVD and give it to you. You can maintain an online album to save the cost of printing. Hiring a professional photographer is a good but expensive idea. You don’t need to go for the popular ones. You can try the lesser known ones. Ask the photographer to show you his previous pictures before you can finalize him as your photographer for the day.

See! A Low Budget Dream Wedding is not impossible.

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  1. We are planning a wedding Aug 24, 2008 and we expect about 400 to 500 guests. Please give us budget plan what & where you can provide and what the price tag is. This is a Hindu wedding. Vegetarian meals only.

    – Apparao

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