Wedding Speeches

Amongst the most memorable moments of your wedding affair, would be the touching words of a wedding speech.
A well written and well rehearsed speech can definitely add value to the wedding celebrations. It feels lovely to hear the heartfelt wedding speeches from the bride’s father, bridegroom or the best man.

If you are sitting down to write down your speech, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind depending on the role you play.

Bridegroom’s Speech

There are two ways to begin, one – a formal note, thanking the bride’s parents for allowing you to take their daughter’s hand in marriage and two – an informal note, reminiscing a memorable experience like when you first saw your wife or how you fell in love with her.

You can next proceed to how lovely it feels to be wedded to your fiancé or your beloved girlfriend. Then thank her parents for allowing you to take their daughter’s hand in marriage.

Propose a toast to the bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys, ring bearers etc and thank them.

Thank and propose a toast to everyone for all their kind wishes and lovely presents.

Father of the bride’s Speech

Conventionally, you can begin your speech by formally welcoming the groom’s parents, relatives and both families and friends.

Propose a toast to the bride and groom and wish them a bright future ahead.

Welcome the groom into your family.

Then talk about how life has been with your daughter, share some of her childhood’s experiences and give her words of wisdom and good wishes.

Best man’s Speech

Best man’s speech is least expected to be heavily loaded with formalisms that were essentials in the above two speeches. People look forward to the best man speeches as a light hearted and entertaining speech

You can share a few funny stories about the groom that may interest people around.

You can read of funny wishes of your friends who couldn’t be present at the wedding.

Give them some witty words of wisdom.

Lastly, propose a toast to the bride and groom for their bright future ahead.

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