What to Pack for Honeymoon?

It is time to unwind on your first getaway after the tiresome wedding celebrations. It feels great to be secluded at a beautiful place with your partner away from the eyes of all your relatives. Just like packing for ordinary vacations, honeymoon packing can be tiresome. The battle with what to take and what to leave behind rages on in your mind while the essentials may get left behind in favor of more frivolous items.

Almost everyone has an elevated perception of a ‘honeymoon’. This image tends to put pressure on couples to be adequately prepared to spend the so called ‘best time of their life’. Because of this they end up packing things they can’t carry and they won’t need.

Pointers on honeymoon packing
1. Start planning your honeymoon the minute you get engaged. This will give you a chance to check out the various locations and see what suits you best as regards atmosphere and cost.

2. After choosing a destination, find out what is needed there and start making a list of important items that you should take with you. And start packing your bags a week before the wedding, if you intend to leave immediately after the reception.

3. Flight details, hotel numbers, wills, and any other document of financial importance including copies of your passports should be given to a trusted friend, lawyer, or relative a week in advance so you do not forget in the rush and confusion of the day you leave.

Actual Packing
Less Luggage More Comfort
– This is the favorite mantra for travelers all around the world. The lesser luggage you carry, the more comfortable you would be. You would save your self the time required to pack that huge bag and the effort that is required to carry it.

– No you don’t need to empty your entire wardrobe in your trolley bag. Just because you are packing for your honeymoon, it doesn’t mean you have to put in everything that you look good in. In your luggage, there should be at least one dinner dress, a pair of evening sandals, nice slacks for the man and corresponding shirt in case you have to go to a formal event. The rest of clothes you can take shorts, shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and two pairs of jeans for each of you. It is best to take wrinkle resistant clothes. The weather of your destination may also add or subtract from your package.

Jewelry and footwear
– Be minimalist as you can. Do not carry your valuable jewelry. You can carry a few of your exquisite artificial jewelry pieces well co-ordinated with your evening wear. A pair of sneakers and dress shoes for men, stilettos and sneakers for women is all you need. You can also include flip flops if you wish too. But that’s all.

Electronic Items
– Couples tend to cherish their wedding and honeymoon pictures all their life. So your honeymoon would be incomplete if you don’t carry a camera to capture those once in a lifetime moments. Make sure you also carry an additional memory card, reel and tapes. A mobile phone is also one of the essentials you cannot do without these days. Make sure you also take the mobile phone charger too.

Toiletries and medicines
– If you are checking in a good hotel, you needn’t worry about toiletries. Most of the times they tend to give them as complimentary gifts. In other cases, take a mini bottle of your shampoo, sunscreen, shaving cream, moisturizer and soap. Don’t forget your towel. Make sure that all your medicines and toiletries are bought from home instead of reaching your destination and then spending money on stuff that may not even be of good quality. Make sure to put them in plastic bags so that they do not soil the rest of the luggage.

– Your Airline tickets, passports, ID cards, license, visa, traveler’s checks, credit and debit cards and list of important phone numbers should be carried.

Instead of packing two different sets of luggage, you can opt for sharing as you may only be gone for a week or two. This is especially applicable for toiletries such as toothpaste, deodorant, hairspray, etc. You can even share for the clothes, especially shirts and shorts if you are in the same size range. The key to getting honeymoon packing right is to know the reason you are going on honeymoon. This is not like any other vacation but rather a celebration of your love and this will be done mostly physically so you will not be needing many clothes. So pack only essential clothes you may use should you get a chance to venture out at all.

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