Wedding Check List

While planning a wedding it is always better to create a wedding check list so that you don’t forget anything important on the big day. It is always better to categorize the whole wedding plan as it would easy off your burden. The whole wedding plan could be divided into four categories. For your help here is an example for wedding check list.

Church Activities:

  • Appointment with the priest and filling the forms
  • Witness appointment generally one from each side for the wedding
  • Liturgy preparation and appointing people to the liturgy
  • Selecting items for the offertory prayer and selecting people who will offer.
  • Selecting of hymns and booking of the choir
  • Decoration of the church
  • Keep envelopes prepared with money which has to be given to the priest after the procession


  • Venue booking to be done according to the convenience of the families.
  • Arrangements of tables and chairs
  • Decoration of the venue
  • Selection of the backdrop and centre piece according to the theme
  • Selection of the caterer, wine and menu
  • Ordering the cake which matches the brides dress and decoration of the cake table.
  • Selection of the music especially for the first dance
  • Selecting a couple of games to keep the kids busy

Personal wedding preparations:

  • Brides wedding gown- design, fitting and color
  • Bridal bouquet which might be white or colored
  • Bridal accessory like comfortable shoes, mittens, stockings and handbags
  • Groom’s suit- design, color and fitting
  • Wedding bands and other gold items
  • Booking the hairstylist and beautician
  • Selecting person in charge for the gifts
  • List of the family member for whom clothes are to be brought

General wedding preparations:

  • Very important list of invitees
  • Selection of the invitation card- printing, addressing and posting
  • Selection of the theme for the wedding
  • Selection of the color scheme according to the wedding theme
  • Thank you gifts- selection, packing and allotting a person to distribute them
  • Selection of the wedding car and its decoration
  • Booking of the photographer or the videographer
  • Lastly don’t forget honeymoon bookings

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