Snack Reception Planning

Are you planning a small budget wedding or an afternoon wedding? Then you can opt for a snack reception instead of a dinner reception. Snack wedding receptions are easily managed in a low budget.

Here is the list of some trendy snack ideas you can try for your wedding reception:

  • Fruit Platters

    : It is one of the best and popular choices. Fruits which are popularly used for the wedding fruit platter are strawberries, honeydew melons, cantelope, red and green grapes and watermelon. Chocolate dipped strawberries are also popular but they can be slightly expensive. You can buy these fruits yourself and can place them on a large decorative platter.

  • Pasta Salads

    : This is one of the popular choices and you can make it yourself at home night before the big day. There are various recipes for pasta salad. You can choose one of your favorite pasta recipe salads. Store them in large zipper lock bags till you place it in an attractive bowl on the wedding reception.

  • Cheese and Crackers

    : You can even try this simple and inexpensive snack for the reception. You can buy a collection of crackers usually of 2 to 3 types or 2 to 3 boxes of each type of cracker. Even for the cheese you can go for an assortment of flavors like pepper jack, swiss, sharp cheddar or any of your favorite flavors.

  • Vegetable Platters

    : Healthy option for your snack wedding reception is a large vegetable platter. Popular vegetables included in the vegetable platter are celery, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. You can even use ranch or other flavored vegetable dip for wedding reception.

  • Other Ideas

    : you can even choose large crock pots with cheese, large bowl of corn chips, nachos or tuna salad sandwiches. Beside the wedding cake you can even think about dessert platters.

After all it’s your wedding reception so the snack should be of your choice. Your wedding ceremony and reception should present a reflection of uniqueness of your taste and selection.

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