Tips for Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings unlike indoor weddings are beautiful and romantic. But you have to face more challenges to make it a successful event. Here are few tips which will help you in managing an outdoor wedding.

  • Main point for an outdoor wedding is the weather conditions. Arrangements should be done according to the weather conditions so that there is no inconvenience to your guests. If it is hot weather then make sure that you rent a tent for the occasion.
  • For an outdoor wedding plan, there should be a back-up plan always because even after ideal planning or arrangements weather might change and spoil all your arrangements.
  • If your wedding is to be done in windy conditions then it is better to avoid light fabrics for your wedding gown. Plan your hairstyle in such a way that it is easily manageable.
  • If you are planning for a beach wedding then make sure that you rent a sound system for the occasion so that there is no problem in hearing.
  • With the natural beauty surrounding there is little need for you to decorate the venue but still ensure that the landscaping of the venue is in good shape. If you still want to decorate then you can select a simple floral decoration for the venue.
  • Make sure that menu is according to the theme and inform your caterer that you are having an outdoor wedding so that he could manage the food and beverages according to the outdoor temperatures.
  • Make sure that there is plenty of ice and water supply to your venue. Alcohols are often dehydrating so there should be variety of teas, punches and lemonades served also. Try new and refreshing cocktails like mojito or mint julep for your guests.
  • It is better to inform your out-of-town guests about their hotel accommodations, travel plans and the weather conditions in advance.

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