Wedding Traditions-Symbolic Representation

Wedding traditions have emerged through practice from ancient times. Symbolic representations of the happiness and prosperity of the couple evolved through ages as the rituals of marriage.

Here are some rituals of marriage and the meanings hidden behind them:

White Bridal Dress:

The tradition of wearing white bridal dress dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria. She abandoned the royal practice of wearing a silver gown and chose a white gown instead. White is also associated with purity and virginity.

The ceremonial kiss:

The ceremonial kiss is believed to represent the couple sharing their souls. In Roman times the kiss attested the couple’s lifelong commitment for each other.

Wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand:

This ritual has its roots in ancient Egypt and the 17th century Europe. Ancient Egyptians believed that the “love vein” goes straight from the third finger of the left had to the heart. In 17th century Europe the groom would slide the ring up the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger of the bride as the priest would say “In the name of the God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” As the third finger is the only free finger, the ring goes to that.

Showering rice:

Rice is a life giving seed. Therefore, it is believed that by showering rice on the couples they are bestowed with the boon of fertility.

Sharing the first piece of wedding cake:

This system has its roots in the Roman tradition. The Romans believed that by sharing the same cake the couple ensured a special bond between them. The wheat used to bake the cake symbolized fertility and fruitful union.

Irrespective of the diverse ways of the wedding traditions around the world, the rituals convey blessings of happiness and fertility to the couple.

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