Make-up Tips to keep Glowing on your Wedding Day

Let your guests gaze at your gleaming face, as you walk down the aisle to take vows on your wedding day. It is your day, so do everything it takes, to look distinct and gorgeous. The glow on your face actually is a natural ingredient which comes with you being happy on this day. However, you can add more beauty and luster by wearing the right kind of make-up on your face.

MakeUp Tips for a Glowing Face:

  • Apply a smooth moisturizer and make-up base on your face with the help of a piece of cotton. This controls the amount to be applied and also avoids wastage. Moreover, this application helps give a neater and defined look.
  • Use a sponge to blend with your make-up base for a consistent application all over the face area. This avoids the transfer of bacteria from the hands and also prevents any rashes or irritation that may have been caused due to constant rubbing of the fingers on the face.
  • Apply powder over your make-up for a matte finish. This is also a good base for applying the rest of your make-up.
  • Dab the lower part of your lashes with a piece of cotton dipped in powder to let the eyeliner last longer. This also prevents smudging.
  • Brighten the features of your eyes by applying a blue liner in the inner most layer of your eyelids.
  • Define the lines of your eyebrow with an eye pencil or mascara.
  • While applying colors of rouge etc., dab the brush gently on the colors as a painter would do. Don’t dig into the colors.
  • Apply the right brush for a particular area.
  • Brushes should be soft and flexible. Wash these make-up brushes every week with shampoo and they will last forever.

Don’t wish to look stunning on your wedding day. Just allow your gentle make-up brushes to stroke the lines of your face and have a shimmering face.

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