How To Raise A Wedding Toast

As a wish of good will and honor, in its simplest form, a toast only requires that one raise their drink in the direction of the person they wish to honor and then drink. For the purposes of a wedding however, it includes a short speech usually directed towards the bride and the groom. If you are called upon to raise a wedding toast (be it best man, maid of honor, father of the bride or just close friend or relative) and are grappling around for the word to suit the occasion, do not panic. Here are some ways which will help you raise a successful toast.

• Choose whether you want to use a traditional wedding toast or compose an original one. Take help of the oldies for writing a traditional toast. Above all just be yourself, talk about things that you genuinely feel like sharing. Just because you have been chosen to give the toast, it does not mean that you have to give a toast in an overly, super duper formal format.

• Make use of the internet, get hold of some quotes and personalize them. As with any form of speech writing, write to your audience and know your subjects. You can make it interesting by telling a nice heartwarming story or you can also share a funny incident that involves the couple or just one of them. Make sure that the story is quite appropriate for all age groups; we don’t want censored words in front of the kids, do we?

• Try to make the speech uplifting and end on a positive note. Do not speak for hours. Make it short and sweet. The key to avoid awkwardness is to keep your toast short. As a rule of thumb, try sticking to speaking for about 2-4 minutes. Make sure you don’t exceed 5 minutes. Keeping your toast short can be super effective.

• While giving the speech, make eye contact with the audience around. There is a high possibility that most guests may not know how you know the bride and groom, so try to let people know about how you met the couple-to-be.

• End the toast with a formal indication to inform them of the ending of the toast and what to say next. Also, it’s a tradition to thank the parents and guests for attending, and not just that it’s always nice to be subtle and thank the people who have paid for the wedding. This duty usually falls on whoever will be giving the first toast, with the exception of the said parents.

• Before making the toast, make sure that all glasses (including yours) are full. Raise your glass with your right hand. Hold the glass straight.

Order of wedding toasts:

Toast to the Bride
– Made by Best Man, Friend or Relative

Toast to Bride and Groom
– In recent years, this toast has been used as opposed to the one toasted to the bride alone.

Groom’s response and more recently bride’s
– Should include a few words to the other partner, thanks to those who made the toast, thanks to both sets of parents, thanks to the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

– Words from a close friend.

Toast by the Father of the Bride
– Thanks to everyone attending on behalf of his wife and himself, indication that the festivities may now begin. This toast is usually the first to be made as it acts as a welcome for the guests who have attended the reception.

Make sure that the star in the toast is the couple (or at least the half of the couple you know) and not the person giving it. Go for something personal while raising the toast. For example, if you are the best man, make your friend feel special, talk about him and his virtues. Talk about the good times you shared, Boost up his confidence by saying how great husband he will be, and how lucky the bride can be. Then say something nice about the couple. The couple would probably like something a little more personal. Adding a short poem makes for a nice ending to the toast.

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