Spice Up Your Honeymoon With These Tips

Well, now that you have tied the knots, with wedding bells ringing and witnessing the event it is time to plan up for something really special and romantic for your better half. Make your honeymoon a memorable and romantic occasion by planning up something really sweet and wild. While we wouldn’t want you to take your spouse to a jungle for a wild trip (unless you are really into adventure), we suggest that you make the experience of honeymooning a wild one.

One great thing you can do during your honeymoon is planning a Honeymoon Bath and a hot oil massage (if you do not know how to, you can take some massage lessons beforehand). Here are some tips which will help you plan out one intense memory.

Be sure to request a room that has a bath big enough for two persons or a Jacuzzi; it won’t be so romantic if you’re in more pain when you get out than before you got in! You do not want to get screwed the last minute, would you? So, plan ahead, and do what you can, ask for a wide tub, ensure that the hotel you will be staying in notes down your request. Before you leave for your honeymoon be sure to double check with the hotel again.

On the chosen day of your special do, add bath oil and plenty of bubble bath to the tub as it heats up. It is best to turn off the artificial lighting and light candles to be placed all around the room (strategically), in safe locations (starting a fire in the building is not what you want to remember of your honeymoon).

Play some romantic music in the background (or whatever music gets you frisky), let it be something soft and order for some champagne with an ice bucket. Get the glasses ready, and keep them within reach so that when your love enters the room, with great style and aplomb you can pour down champagne for him or her, instead of groping around for it in the semi darkness.

Pick a scent that you will both like and means something to you (preferably an exotic one) and spray it around the room. Sprinkle rose petals from the front door leading up to the bathtub. Put on a robe and wait for the surprise. This is certain to make your honeymoon a special event that you will want to tell your grandchildren about.

If you want to make this even more special, write them a love letter or poem and read it while soaking together. Or you can do something that your partner likes, like singing a song or presenting them with a special gift. After the bath you can proceed to grant your partner a massage to ease their muscles and make them supple for later.

See to it that all the arrangements are done without your spouse’s knowledge. Send him/her out for shopping or any other trip while you make all these arrangements. It’s the thought of making the person feel loved that matters the most. So, go out of your way to make the event memorable.

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