Tips for Creating a Captivating Slide Show

Just to give a warm personal touch to your wedding party you can prepare a slide-show or video montage. Here are some tips which could help you in making a captivating slide-show of photographs of you and your fiancé.

  • Include Your Guests:

    It is obvious that you must be knowing your intended guests. But if you are planning to present your slide-show on your wedding reception then it is better to include some photographs of your guests also.

  • Limit the Length:

    After selecting the guests to be included in the slide show its time to determine the number of pictures you want to include. Try to keep the length of the slide-show short; the ideal length would about 8-12 minutes.

  • Choose Quality Photographs:

    Select pictures which have good quality like framing, correct lighting and developing. If you want to include old and poorly developed photographs then first get it digitally enhanced.

  • Select Variety of Photographs:

    Select photographs which could keep your guest interested. Instead of including 10 pictures of a person it is better to keep 3-4 interesting pictures of him.

  • Blend Landscape and Portrait Pictures:

    It is observed that the photographs in landscape mode are presented well than the portrait mode in the standard T.V monitors. Remember not to clump all the portrait mode of photographs together.

  • Select Related Music:

    Select a music that holds some special meaning to you. Keep in mind that the lyrics should go well with your pictures. And according to the length of the slide-show the song should be of similar length.

  • Include Short Video-clips:

    You can even add video-clips of about 10-15 seconds in between the slide-show. This would be helpful in enhancing the interest of your guests.

  • Give Transition Effect to the Slide-show:

    While switching from one picture to another instead of making it simple you can add some transition effect like image peel, fade in/out etc. But remember that you keep it same for all the pictures.

  • Check Before:

    Wedding is big event of your life so one day before the big day; check all the equipments and your slide-show. Its better that you keep an extra copy of your slide-show. Check that everything projector, DVD player, laptop and sound system are working properly.

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