Beautiful Ideas for Garden Wedding

For those interested in having a wedding that has its roots in nature, the garden wedding is a perfect option. Being outdoors, it combines the love for nature and the beautiful scenery that will make your wedding the most memorable day of your life. It is the easiest kind of wedding to decorate, especially if you are already in a garden and not simply having a garden theme. This is your one chance to re-enact the Garden of Eden and make it your venue for the wedding.

In this article, we offer you some ideas for a garden wedding that are guaranteed to make your wedding day beautiful now and will surely stay beautiful in your memory to be recapped every anniversary.


If you intend to have a garden wedding then timing of the wedding is very important. Being an outdoor wedding, spring and summer are your best options as in autumn and winter the garden out side may be a little too cold for you and your guests. Another option you can try is either to hold a garden theme without a real garden or if you have a green house you can use during this cold time. This however may be a tad expensive but if you have the money, then why not?


The bridal apparel should be reminiscent of times past and in touch with the surroundings. A wedding in the garden is likely to be more vibrant and yet still relaxed and earthy. The wedding party should try and mould their attire to this, so most probably simple and informal is the way to go. The groom can wear a simple suit and the bridesmaids can wear simple beautiful sun dresses. The bride can go for a beautiful gown from the tiffany collection of 2011 or Carolina Herrera. And for those who have the money, you can get yourself a one of a kind Vera Wang dress.


The determinant of how beautiful your wedding venue will be, you need to pay a lot of attention to this section. You are already in a garden, so I am assuming that there is a lot of greenery around and you may not have flowers so you may want to add these. Whatever color you choose as the wedding color,it has to be in tune with the green of the plants. You can opt for purple, pink, yellow, read or orange, whichever catches your fancy.

For the chairs and tables, you should use the ordinary garden or outdoor furniture to give it the feel of a relaxed event between family and friends. The centre piece can be made of light, I suggest candles with unique shades to protect them from the breeze. You can use colored paper shades or plain glass shades or vintage candle holders that can be hanged from the plants. The special glow produced will give the feeling of a Victorian romantic setting.

Make certain your decorations have a feel of nature in them. For example, you can get colorful paper butterflies, bees, birds, and other natural creatures you might want to add. The more natural, the better in making it look like a real paradise, though remember not to crowd the decorations.


In addition to the other food you may serve, you can get a variety of tropical fruits and make a special dessert table where each guest can go and choose the fruit that they want to feast upon. Get as much variety as possible, from mangoes, oranges, dates, pineapples, bananas, apples, berries. Also you can try some exotic fruits that are not native such as jack fruit, African cucumber, durian, dragon fruit, mangosteen, kumquat, lychee and star fruit. Make your wedding a culinary delight for your guests and give them a chance to try something new.

For those gearing for a garden wedding, this is your one chance to recreate the garden of paradise and you can indulge your fantasies as much as possible. There are no set rules for you to follow and you can go in the direction your heart wants. For example, you can combine a Chinese theme within your garden, such that you turn your garden into some private gate away, just like those used by the ancient emperors of China. Have fun planning this and may your dreams materialize and come true.

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