Choose A Classic Timeless or Unique Cake For Your Wedding

It’s a wedding and how can one forget about those scrumptious looking cakes. Cakes are important part of any wedding ceremony. It can be considered the centerpiece of any wedding meal courses. Hence it has too look as well as taste good. There are numerous choices available and you can select the type that suits the mood, theme or your own personal style.

  • Traditional cake

    -A traditional cake is the conventional type of cake that is usually white or ivory with a vanilla base. It could be two or three tiered and square or round in shape. The patterns and designs are simple, in light shade of pastels. With a generous topping of butter cream these are usually designed with delicate flowers and rosettes with subtle hint of ribbons.

  • Unique cake

    – More people are becoming experimental and flouting the conventional traditional cakes. Its time to be bold and go with the unique ones in all kinds of forms and shapes. They can be asymmetrical or in the form of cupcakes trees. They can be well collaborated with the dress that you are wearing or the flowers that you are carrying. You imagine and the talented hands will deliver you the desired.

  • Timeless cakes-

    When it comes to time less cakes one can remember the tiered white layers of cakes with butter cream filling and snowy white icing. The simplification of these cakes is what makes them timeless and matchless. They appear highly classy and sophisticated with minimal use of embellishments and heavy exotic flavors. Graceful as it appears with its effortless borders, swags, roses and gentle scrolling. A bouquet of lilies and fresh roses as toppings will do the trick enhancing its own simple charm.

  • Retro cakes-

    The bright sunshine yellow chiffon cake will echo the retro style. Sugar paste flowers with traditional bride and groom topper can be well fused with today’s context. How about a vintage car topping with just married card? It’s a ideal nod to cherish the retro era.

The inside of the cake is as important as the outside of the cake. Alluring flavors and gorgeous fillings can enhance the savor of the cakes. Fruits, chocolates, spice cakes, soda cakes, and cheesecakes, hazelnuts and even ice cream cakes can be custom made. Fruity flavors and truffles will satisfy every taste bud, the combination can be astounding and endless.


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