Give A Personal Touch To The Cakes

The occasion is your wedding. Just like the other elements of wedding like the flowers, dress and wedding concept, the cake also forms an integral part of the wedding ceremony.  Talented is the baker and the designer who can tailor made this intricate piece
edible delight, in accordance to your personal specification.

Usually the classic one with ivory tones is ordered to play safe.  This classy cake is considered always a winner. Its understated subtle quality makes it elegant yet chic. Finding the right inspiration and giving the personal touch to the wedding cake can be dicey. One can browse online, flip through the pages of magazines and can visit the popular cake shop to find the specific kind of potential cake. For ordering a personalized one has to think out of the box beyond the traditional layered classic cake. One can draw the inspiration from the sophisticated cake that your favorite celebrity has ordered in his or her wedding. If you find something interesting that grabs your attention make a note of it. So next time you visit the famous cake shop you can show them and they can well infuse with the flavors and designs of your choice.

The colour, theme, environment can be explained to the cake designer so that he can design you the perfect one. Textures, ideas and themes can be drawn from other elements as dress embroidery patterns, floral arrangements or gift-wraps. For example the floral concept can be merged with the color of the cake. If the wedding is taking place in an outdoor location along the seaside with mystic waves, shells and starfish design features will do the trick.

Reflect the local designs and scene in your cake. Cherish the moment when you had met your beloved for the first time with landmarks as beaches, Disneyland etc. Show off your romantic side with the love travels as Eiffel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge. For extra personal, one of kind request ask the designer to engrave the vows on the wedding cake. The smooth surface can be calligraphed and finished with flowers. Or tell him the secret grandma recepie and he will bake the right cake with custom designs.

Swags, stripes, basket weaves, bright bows, polka dots and even various shapes can be integrated. Dare to experiment with flavors with fruits and chocolate pistachios. Rich truffle and filling will make the desert more sinful. Inspirations can be numerous it in your vision and the designers hands to incorporate well together and produce the desired one.

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