How And When to Cut The Cakes?

The cake cutting ceremony is considered the most essential part of any wedding ceremony. This edible scrumptious delight forms the center of attraction of any wedding meal courses. Definitely for this masterpiece for which you had painstakingly browsed online and ordered in the trendy cake shop after numerous testing and trials, you would not wish to rush hurriedly into the climax of the wedding.

Generally the cake cutting ritual takes place with few personal words and toasts and after the dinner has been served. Selected music is played to add magic to the enchanted atmosphere. One can hire a band to play music or the countrysides singers to hum the wedding tunes or simply can play the music on the record from the famous popular song tracks. After the announcements has been made by the master of ceremonies the couple proceed to cut the cake.

The pleasure is doubled after the cake is cut and while the father daughter have their last dance together the guests can savor on the wonderful piece of delight. The other dances are followed after this. While the cakes and coffees are served the other couple are invited to dance on the floor. The grand finale comes with the garter toss, bouquet toss and with the distribution of favors among the guests.


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