How to Find The Cake On a Budget?

Weddings though is a union of two souls together often end up with unexpected expenditures. Lavish occasion it might be, but intelligent planning and budgeting is important to cut down the costs. If you are working strictly on a budget then definitely you might be planning on cutting down on the cost of the cake too. The smart way is to find expensive looking cake at a sensible price.  Here are some ways by which one can stick with their budgets but can also enjoy a scrumptious cake for wedding.

  • It is better if to check with your caterer if he takes orders for cakes too. Most of the catering companies have a party chef and you can take the maximum out of them. In this way you can avoid the cost of separately ordering cake from somewhere else. With a little additional price one can order the cake from them and can cut down the cost of delivery fess, service fees, tips etc.
  • Another intelligent way is to order smaller cakes in various flavors. In this way there will be something for everyone on the dessert table. The cost can be cut extremely and one can relish the best of both the worlds.
  • Go natural this occasion and make the use of natural flowers in your cake instead of sugar pastes. They will cost you less and you can blend easily with the floral decoration of the wedding.
  •  Your dream cake may coat you a bomb. Intelligent way is to order a smaller size of cake that looks and tastes perfect. You can ask your baker to make sheets using the same recepies. After the cake cutting ceremony and clicking of pictures the, the cake can be supplemented with sheet cakes while serving.
  • Another smart solution to multi-layered cakes is satellite cakes. The cost of creating a multiple layer can be done with tiers rested on supports. In this way unnecessary cost can be cut down with a clever solution.
  • The circular shaped are easy to bake and make. The square shaped ones is difficult to craft and frost. If you have money constraints then go for a rounded one.

By little imagination and smart methods you can cut down the wedding cake cost.



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