Plan Your Right Wedding Favors

Favors are meant to make the wedding more memorable and special. Favors are small souvenirs or eatables given as a gesture from the wedding couple to the guests. It creates and formulates a sense to the wedding.  Choosing the right kind of favor is tricky as mostly people end up gifting truffle boxes. It is imperative to think out of the box and to plan rightly the unforgettable wedding favors.

  • You can search online, in magazines and check with the local eatery shops that are famous for their chocolates and cookies, the gift stores or boutiques. These favors can cost a little as 2$-5$ and can go up as per the desired range of gifts and souvenirs. While planning the budget of the wedding people usually forget to plan about the favors and its cost. You may plan the amount for the favor and its packaging depending on your budget and priorities. Remember if bought in bulk will cost you less. Once settled with the suitable form next comes is personalizing.
  • Remember it’s your wedding and hence the favor also has to be stamped as per your taste. Jazz it up by adding your own personal touches and personally branding them. Your names, wedding dates can be sophisticatedly calligraphed in gold or silver letters or could be rubber-stamped. The choices are many like a couple monogram or a family union seal. A small trinket or dried flowers, ribbons etc can add drama and sophistication.
  • The entire look and charm of the gift can come down if packaging is not done properly. Simple cellophane bags, artistic paper bags, boxes or silver canisters can be used depending on the gift that if being presented. They should be luring and attractive at par with the goodies and stuffs kept inside. The packaging should coordinate well with the theme, linen and flowers of the wedding. Avoid getting too matchy and go bold with textures and shades.
  • The last part is handling etiquettes of the favor. You can place the token of appreciation at the guest dinner table between the couples. A more simple approach is setting the table with card saying “Be Our Guest” or “Thank You” with favors neatly stacked and arranged. It could be passed by the staff in between the meal courses or you can personally hand out or can still add personal touch by the party members to do the deed, as the guests leave the reception.

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