How Can A Groom stand out amongst others?

It’s the modern eon of a metro sexual man. The wedding day is one of the most significant day in the life of any married couple. Definitely the new age man would love to dressed and look different at par with his counterpart. Though the traditional way of dressing lays stress in wearing similar outfits like the groomsmen, its imperative to keep in mind that a groom should look extraordinary in his special day. In a formal wedding the options becomes less but with slight imagination and resourcefulness you can stand out.

  • Substitute to Tux

    – It’s your day, so while getting the tux designed a slight variation from the groomsmen jacket is a wiser decision to look different. The variations can be achieved by cut, colors and textures too. If you are wearing breasted jacket, single or double one then set some other versions for the men. Jazz up the jacket with a satin collar while the other can keep it plain. Alternate with black and white jackets to create the difference. Similarly distinctions with buttons and cuts can generate a distinguished effect that you had desired.

  • Boutonnieres-

    An inimitable way is to clasp a mini corsage on the jacket and you will look matchlessly singled out. In a formal wedding the uneven and dissimilar tuxes will not appear acceptable. If the other men are also sporting a flower then craft some other combination exclusively for yours. You can wear a lily while the men can sport stephanotis. A berry or herbal lilt with two or more blossoms can be embellished, while the groomsmen can carry a single bud or flower.

  • Walk off with a Tie

    – It’s all about attitude; wear an unusual tie from the rest. You can wear a tie that compliments the vest and the groom’s men dress could compliment with the bridesmaid dress. Another chic way is to wear a different type of neckwear from the gang. The variations can be further achieved with dissimilar knots.

  • Vests-

    The color of the vests can be kept different. The color and the texture of the vests can be different from the other guys. A new way is that if the groom if wearing a vest than the other men need not to. But this will depend on the cut and the type of jacket that has been selected.

  • Buttons and cufflinks

    – Add the bling in your dress with special customized cufflinks or buttons and you will definitely stand out to be different from the rest of the group.

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