How To Craft a Wedding Program?

Wedding programs are meant add style to the wedding. The guest’s participation and interest is maintained and there are more chances of enjoyment. People can understand the tradition, rites and rituals that are being carried out in the sanctimonious ceremony. These program cards act as brilliant mementos for the guests. One has to think practically and innovatively to design a wedding program.


– Usually a conventional program consists of the names of bride and groom followed by place and date of wedding. Next is explained is the set of rituals, its significance and its implication in married life. The other element of ceremony like music, poems and compositions along with the author name can be given. Themes if any about the wedding and the description of close associates are given. Both the families finally give a thanks note. These programs are meant to brief about the schedule of programs, ethics and customs and traditions of any culture.

Creating and Designing-

A program can be in the form of an elaborate decorative card or a simple leaf of paper. You can make use of your own creativity by using various templates on a computer or else can take professional assistance. Programs like Photoshop will help you to fashion a more finished and sophisticated design.


– One can give, out of the ordinary feel to the program by including poems, pictures, quotes etc. One can even elaborate more, together as a family or as a couple. Unique shapes can be given to the card or else a small leaf booklet form other than the regular rectangular shaped one.


Presentation plays a more important role and will add a style to your program. One can make use of baskets, silver trays or pails that goes well with the theme of the wedding. You can place these programs at the entrance or else can present them on silver trays once the guests have been seated.

The main purpose is to acquaint people with the timings for events as well as the importance, significance and connotation of these traditional events.

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