Is there any alternative for gold and diamond jewelry for new age bride?

Gold and diamonds solitaires are a passé. The ascending prices are making it more unfeasible to invest on such pricey piece of jewelry. Gone are the old fashioned days when this coveted yellow metal was considered the only option for flaunting glitz. The new age woman desires something more than the usual stuff.

Exhibiting bling with funky, inexpensive baubles is fashionable and in thing. These junks go well with all kind of outfits whether it’s traditional, ethnic or western. With little idea and imagination one can add, mix and match the accessories with various other options. They are cool and affordable. Accessories are meant to personalize your style.

Another advantage is that one can change according to the existing styles without shelling a bomb on the conventional types. Costume jewelry is the answer for the new age bride. It gives a wide range of solutions and flexibility for a fashion conscious person who wants to alter according to the current trends. Moreover while traveling or vacationing one does not have to bother about the safety of the precious pieces. One can look glamour’s and trendy with the unconventional kind. You can carry these inexpensive trinkets with to match up with varity of the dresses. One can add some more in the collection while exploring the flea markets to the unknown locales.

The options are numerous ranging from fish bone jewelry, wooden, terracotta, shells, feathers, ivory, metal, cloth, leather, jute, stone, beads, lac, pearls, nickel silver and glass, even plastic. The main target customers of present jewelry designers are youth. The advantage of these jewelry is that the designs can be explained and the designers can recreate the visualization into a finished product. 

The current scenario is about big chunky bangles, bracelets. Long beaded chains, hoops and danglers are also in rage. The prints and materials can vary from, tribal, animal or polkas. Longer chains in metal and earthy shades give a rustic look. Alloy of metals, brass, copper and silver can be mixed with plenteous options. Broad pendants, beaded chains and even bold head bands can be worn. 

Affordability is another reason that catches the attention of the customers. They also look stylish and trendy with other costumes. One can collect up various options to compliment the outfit rather than wearing the same old boring grandma set. A fashion conscious bride knows what suits her the most. The current trend is minimalistic; with little investment people want to jazz up the wardrobe with more accessories. This has given derivation for new smart alternatives and cheaper options.

Costume jewelry is caught up on a huge way and one can keep on adding to the never-ending stock. So next time you visit a store do not forget to ask about the other unconventional alternatives.

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