What are other smart options for large cakes?

The wedding season nearing by, its time to throw bachelor and bachlorettes party? You might have planned astutely on the theme of the party evening. You might have shelled down a considerable amount of money to hire a professional for pre wedding bash. Apart from entertainment, food and dining are the most decisive factors that contribute to the success of any party.

You might have gone nth time on the menu before settling down for the final one. It could be a four or six level meal course. But the true icing on the cake is the grand finale or the desserts. Usually people prefer to order a big gateau or a layered cake for such events. It might be a wonderful edible piece to satisfy the taste bud. But as soon as it has been cut the entire charisma of this scrumptious delight is gone. By half way one can see it’s messed up with crumbs and melted icing. So what is another smart option?

Miniature and tiny desserts makes brilliant piece of morsels. They not only look exquisite, neat but elegant too and are fabulous for presentation. You can arrange them in a corner or else can serve as one of the courses of the meal. These individual servings and miniatures are best option for party. One does not have to bother about the mess and the guests can enjoy a variety of assorted desserts.

The advantage is that any dessert can be versioned in a miniature form. An assortment can be served in tidbits. Everybody can choose from the amazing range and can sample whatever they like. Jelly’s, mousse, tarts, muffins, pastries can be tasted and the host does not have to worry about wastage as if he or she doesn’t like may pick some other option. The calorie conscious persons can also indulge with mini cravings.

Gateaux, tiramisu, basket cakes, fruity cake, cheesecakes, sinful chocolate mousse and truffles can be presented in a number of combinations and variations. Cakes can be baked separately in small moulds and with variation in icings. Similarly tarts shells can be bought if one is short of time and whip some cream or chocolates with fruit toppings. Mousses, pies and cheesecakes can be set individually and can be decorated with various toppings.

There is some thing for everyone. They are easy to make and present. So next time if you are planning a party try these luscious, delectable, they will be definitely hit in your party.

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