Can Pearl Be Worn As A Bridal Jewelry?

Well the answer is “yes”. Pearl can be used as an exquisite piece of jewelry for bride. This delicate jewelry is popular on account of its subtleness and moon like shine. Moreover as bride walks down the aisle to exchange vows, in pure white shimmering gown this elegant piece will enhance the beauty of the bride. White is a reflection of purity and inviolability, and choosing pearl, will be definitely a brilliant alternative this sanctimonious occasion. One can look stylish and chic wearing white beaded pearl necklaces and earrings. Even the other jewelry like the bracelets and embellishments for hair can be made with pearl.

The advantage is that pearl looks graceful in day ceremony as well as in the evening. For those brides who want to stand out without the regular bling can opt for pearl jewelry. One can wear it at any time and occasion of the day. It is a wonderful way to exhibit gracefulness in a very sophisticated way. A single layered neckpiece with matching earrings will do the trick. One can take this to a different dimension by adding precious and semi precious stones in their jewelry. So flaunt your style with a dash of bling if you want.

It is important to choose the correct kind of pearls that goes with the dress that you will be wearing for the occasion. There are basically four types of pearl. Pearls can be sea watered or fresh watered, Tahitian or and Akoya. It is better to check the quality of pearl before investing on it. Pearl necklaces come in different sizes and in numerous layers. The price can vary on the shape, size and type of pearl chosen.

There are five ways by which one can check the quality and purity of a pearl.

  • Nacre-

    It is meant with the thickness of the pearls. More the thickness longer will be life of the pearls.

  • Color-

    Previously the pearls used to come in pure white or ivory colored. Now days they come in a wide range of colors. Pink, silver, gray, cream, black are some of the available colors. Select the pattern and color that compliments the skin tone or the dress you will be wearing.

  • Shape-

    Though pearls are available in different shapes. The rounded ones are most popular. Other shapes are oval and rice shaped.

  • Size-

    Size determines the cost of a pearl. Larger ones are costlier, so buy one that suits your pocket.

  • Luster –

    Lustrous pearls are considered more valuable. The luster of a pearl is determined with the light that reflects from its smooth and shiny surface.

Wearing a pearl jewelry on wedding day is believed to bring in good luck. So if you are planning to buy jewelry for your wedding, try with a pearl.

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