What Songs Should Be Played In The Wedding?

The Herculean task is to select the right kind of songs for ones wedding. You might have heard each and every record, might have searched online or must have taken the help of your friends, but still may not have found the appropriate song for the occasion. Settling down for the correct music track can be exasperating. It is very tricky to choose from the broad range of music. There should be complete mix and match for all age groups. The oldies as well as the adolescents should have fun.

Some couple love to play country music, others simply instrumental, there are other who prefer live performances or electrifying fast DJ numbers. It is better to listen to the song, music and lyrics and then prepare a list. The list should be reviewed with the band or the DJ whom you are hiring. Taking professional help comes in handy as they can come with ideas and proposals that blend with your wedding. If the wedding is taking place in the church then check with official if a particular song can be played in the church.

  • The Prelude-

    It is the time before ceremony as all the guests wait for the arrival of the couple. Excitement and exhilaration is normal in such atmosphere. The song is played before the bride walks down the aisle. Songs can be traditional as well as contemporary.

  • The Processional-

    It is the most delightful moment when the bride walks down the aisle and what could be the best possible way to celebrate this enlivening moment other than a love song. One can play traditional as well as non-traditional music for the occasion.

  • Interlude-

    The music has to be meticulously chosen for this moment, as something magical and special going to happen. The climax of the occasion when both of them exchange the rings and say” I Do”.

  • The Recessional-

    Festivity, joy and happiness can be depicted with songs replicating cheerfulness. As the couples tread together as man and bride, the tone of the occasion can be enhanced with amazing joyful songs.

  • The Cocktail hour-

    It’s the time to celebrate with wine and dine. Nothing other than fun songs will enliven the occasion.

  • The Grand Entrance-

    With the formal announcements the bride and groom make their ostentatious entry together in the opulent dining hall. 

  • First Dance-

    The first dance that the couple dance together after exchange of vows. It s a treat to see the newly married couple jive to love songs. The others may join the floor later on.

  • Father Daughter Dance-

    This has a lot to do with the tradition, when the father along with his daughter dances for the last time.

  • Cake Cutting-

    Wondering is there any music for this ritual too? Yup, put your thinking caps on and definitely will find some songs online.

  • Closure-

    As the name suggest it means the closing of the ceremony and when the guests are about to leave. Bridal chorus, chapel of love, trumpets are usually played at this time.

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