What Types Of Cards Are Used In Wedding And Their Significance?

Cards are essential part of any wedding. It is better to formulate and plan a complete checklist on the programs and the type of cards that will be employed on the occasion. Time and budget constraints may bother you and the wedding can be a formal or a casual one. Depending on these one may devise the cards that will be needed for the wedding. Most of the cards are designed with the theme and concept of the wedding. Color, design, motifs, monograms and subject also determine the type and cost of cards. It is recommended to design and order the cards from one place.

  • Wedding Invitations-

    These cards are the focal point of all wedding cards. The invitation replicates the theme and concept of wedding. An invitation consists of the envelope, the invitation card, and reception card. Some love to go further ahead and enclose a response card. These cards are self addressed and stamped. The new age is the period of experimentation and how can wedding remain aloof untouched from it. Regular customary invitations are outdated and unfashionable. Unusual textured papers of different sizes and shapes with beautiful motifs and monograms are the in thing.

  • Reply Cards-

    These are sent with the invitations and they carry a self-addressed envelope, which is duly stamped. Traditionally they were meant to inform about the number of guests attending the wedding. Now days among the sophisticated high-class weekend weddings they contain a complete list of activities that the guests will love to attend and enjoy.

  • Reception Cards-

    These cards give a detail of venue, time and date of reception that will take place. However in today’s time the reception is soon followed after the wedding. Interesting fonts, logos or ornamentation can be made in this card.

  • Wedding Program-

    For any diverse cultural wedding these programs give useful information about the rites, rituals, implications in married life and its significance. They form wonderful keepsakes for guests too. This small booklet throws light on the events, date and timings of a particular ritual and the relationships of both the family members. Poems, quotes, songs along with authors also find place in them.

  • Menu Cards-

    Previously it used to be a single leaf card explaining the course of meal and cocktails. Among multi cultural wedding it gives the briefing of a various dishes. Beverages, wines and details of other cocktails and mock tails are included.

  • Place Cards-

    These notify on which chair a particular guest has to be seated. The guests name is printed and is placed at the seating place. The escort card shows direction to the guests.

  • Thank You Cards-

    As the name suggest they contain a note of thanks to all the guests from both the parties.

It is suggested to order cards prior to the wedding date. In general 3-4 months ahead of the day is recommended as a lot of time is consumed in selecting, designing, proofreading, printing and finally delivering the final cards. It is usually advised to post the invitations eight weeks before the day.

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