Flowers That Should Be Avoided On A Wedding

Flowers are the most liked, preferred and chosen items used to decorate a wedding hall.

Certain Flowers like the roses, carnations, sunflower and tulip are very often used, they are said to be very symbolical and are considered to be a good omen.

However, certain flowers are considered to bring ill luck and are not very often used for weddings due to their symbolic meaning.

For those of you, who do not believe in superstitions, don’t even bother to read further.
And for those who do not want to take any risk on the day of their wedding, here is a must see list of flowers which should be avoided at any cost.

1)Christmas rose:

Is one type of flower which should be avoided. It is said that those who who use this flower for their wedding tend to face lot of Scandals.


These flowers are known to bring in idleness in one’s life and a sense of lethargy.

3)fox Glove:

Is one flower which should be avoided at any cost as it symbolizes insincerity.


Is another flower which also should be avoided as it symbolizes the vice of infidelity.


Is a flower that symbolizes Distrust.


Is a symbol of Grief and is a completely contradictory symbolization to a joyful marriage.


Symbolizes despair.


Symbolizes a sense of remorse.

9) Red Carnations:

They symbolize a poor heart.

10) Rhododendron:

They symbolize danger, and are surely not a good sign for a happy marriage.

11) Stripped Carnation:

They symbolize a sense of refusal.

12) Yellow Roses:

Symbolize Jealousy.

13) Yellow Lily:

Symbolizes Falsehood.

Keep away from these flowers in order to ensure a happy and successful marriage.

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  1. Having been a professional wedding expert for a number of years, the following is the most given advice I have. Remember to take a step back every now and then during the wedding planning process and reconnect with your future spouse. Have a date night and don’t talk about the wedding at all.

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