Top 10 Beach Wedding Tips

A beach is a beautiful and romantic place to get married. The breeze, the ambience the natural look and the sound of the waves create a magical effect.

The soft sand and the beautiful blue sea add charm to the wedding.

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind and which will help you ensure that not just you but also all the guests have a lovely time at your wedding.

1) The Length Of Your Dress

As you are getting married on a beach, make sure you and the bridesmaids wear a gown, which is knee length. You wouldn’t want to trip on the sand in front of your guests on your wedding day, would you? A long gown could cause you to trip and also make it very difficult for you to walk.

2) Sandals Or Bare Feet.

Certain beaches are highly maintained and have sand, which are very smooth in nature. Some beaches on the other hand have lot of shells in the sand which when trampled upon can be very painful for the feet.So make sure about this issue and inform your guests well in hand whether or not they have to wear sandals or not.

3) Time Of The Wedding.

Beaches are open places and getting married in the afternoon can be very painful. It is at that time that the sand gets very hot and walking barefoot on it can be traumatizing. Also the blazing sun will cause you and your partner to squint at each other, rather than smile for a photograph. If the wedding is scheduled during the mid-day make sure you arrange a tent like covering as a roof, which can protect you and the guests from the sun.

4) Elderly Guests

If you have guests who are very old, make sure you make the required arrangements. Old people may find it difficult to walk on sand unlike you. They may also find it difficult to stand for long hours on the beach. So make sure you arrange some chairs.

5) Noise

A beach is a public property where lots of people come to have fun. However, on the day of your wedding make sure that you have taken permission from the authorities to have a part of the beach for private use. Also make sure you check the tidal charts because the crashing sounds of the waves may make it very difficult for you to hear what the priest is talking.

6) Arrangement Of A Priest.

Make sure you inform the priest about your wedding plans a week before. Let him know the details of your venue. It would also be nice if you personally ensure that he is picked and dropped back at his place of stay after your wedding.

7) Hairstyle

A beach can be a very breezy place; so do not take the risk of leaving your hair open. Tie up your hair in a stylish pony or braid it. This will keep the hair away from sweeping across your face into your mouth.

8) Photographs

Ask your photographer to come an hour earlier. Request him to have a look at the location and come with best positions for the camera. A good photo of the event is a beautiful remembrance later.

9) Season

Dress up in accordance to the climate and season. If it is a summer wedding, the groom can dress up in a Mexican shirt. If it is a winter wedding he can dress himself up in a tuxedo.

10) Bridesmaids

Very often the bridesmaids are so busy dressing up the bride that they forget about themselves. Many a weddings are delayed, not because the bride is not ready, but because the bridesmaids aren’t. Make sure that the bridesmaids are dressed before the bride is.

Keep these points in mind and have a lovely wedding.

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  1. Those are really great points. Especially the noise level on a public beach. The only one I’d emphasize more is to give plenty of advance notice to your officiant about what type of ceremony you’re having when you book them.

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