Great Tips for An Inexpensive and Affordable Wedding

A wedding can be a very costly affair. Many a time’s couples break their heads thinking about the huge amount they would have to spend on their weddings. Also, some of them end up paying huge debts after their wedding.

Expensive weddings need not be the best of weddings. Instead, of spending loads of money on the wedding, you can save some amount and spend it on a house or on your honeymoon. In expensive weddings does not mean cheap weddings that compromise on quality. Instead it means a smart and efficient way of spending money.

Here are some tips which will help you ensure that you have a inexpensive yet a quality wedding.

Bridesmaids Gowns:

Most often the bridesmaids themselves buy their gowns, but in certain cases the bride has to buy them the gowns. In such cases the bride can either rent their gowns or buy them from shops which offer an acceptable amount of discount on the price. Also the bridesmaids can get together and buy matching dressings from the same boutique at a affordable price. Also, people who cancelled their weddings, sell the dresses real cheap, watch out for details which are mostly given in newspapers.


You don’t have to hire an expensive DJ to ensure good music. You may instead want to go in for a local band or student band that actually performs better than any good band. You will get to hear great music at a very affordable price.


The food need not be an elaborate spread. Most often the food ends up being wasted when offered in a large variety. How much can people eat after all?
Go in for food wherein there is lot of fruits, snacks and salads. This menu would be loved by one and all and also can be very affordable.

Cakes: Cakes can be very expensive. A good way of saving money would be by baking and using home made cakes which are equally delicious. Also, you can request any of your family members to bake you a cake and gift it as a wedding present.


Flowers can be very expensive at a florist shop. Instead you can get beautifully decorated flowers at a grocery store for a very affordable price.
Do not be shy to go the grocery store. These are the best places to look out for beautiful yet affordable flowers.


You do not have to spend a fortune renting a limousine. Instead you can decorate and drive your own car.

Keep in mind these points and have a lovely wedding.

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