Plan Your Wedding Dance

Dancing your first dance together after being announced as husband and wife is a thrilling experience.

Dancing in front of your family and friends could be a nerve racking experience for those who have never danced before. So, in order to overcome the odds and to overcome any stage fear it would be advisable that you be prepared well in advance.

Here are some tips which will help your would be partner and you have a great time of dance together.

Select a song:

You may have a favourite romantic song in mind, on which you would like to dance with the love of your life. Start thinking of steps to dance on it.

If you have no such song in mind, get set to choose one. Select a song which will get you in the mood and really be a pleasure to dance on. Make sure that the song is not too long.


Now that you have the song ready, go about practicing the dance steps. You can take the help of a professional in this case. Also, practicing together will help you spend more time with each other and will help you have a wonderful time. The more you practice the more confident you will feel.


Plan the dance as to when you want it to start and where you want it to end. Stopping abruptly is not a great idea. Decide when you would want your dance to be, would you want it to be before the reception or after the dinner.

Inform The People Concerned:

Make sure that you inform your DJ about the choice of your song, or he may end up playing a song of his choice and leave you and your partner entirely confused. Also, inform the videographer and the photographer about the timing of your dance, so that they are prepared well in advance for the great moment.

Keep In Mind The Unexpected:

Ladies, always be prepared. You never know when your partner may change a particular step or take a twirl, just keep following him. Sometimes one of the partners may forget a particular step, or confuse them with another, instead of stopping and rambling about the missed step, just continue with the flow of music and have a good time together.

Your first wedding dance will be something which your partner and you would never forget. Make the best of the moment and enjoy yourselves thoroughly.

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