Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Wedding wows when personally written can be very special and meaningful. Apart from reciting the wedding vows directed by the priest, one can, with the permission of the priest read out their personalized wedding vows too at their wedding ceremony.

How To Prepare Personalized Wedding Vows.

Firstly, one needs to obtain permission from the priest about reciting personalized wedding vows. Some religions would not permit the tampering, of the flow of  the marriage ceremony.

In order to prepare personalized wedding vows, both the partners should sit down together, and come up with something that is meaningful and agreeable.

Also, one can take the help of a religious minister while deciding upon a vow. They may come up with religious aspects, which will beautify the meaning of your vow.

One can also; take the help of an elderly couple, their marital experience will be of great help. They will be able to guide you about those areas, which you as a unmarried person may not be aware of.

Make sure hat the list is short and simple; a long list may become too monotonous. Select five important aspects about your relationship and come up with vows relating to it.

One can include aspects like “asking forgiveness after a fight”, “Spending quality time with each other”, “Giving the partner the first place in their lives”, “ and “giving each other space”. The list is endless. One can get to choose from a vast array of information.

Make sure you practice reading out the list. It does not matter how you have written out the vows, what matters most is how you say them out.

The conviction and sincerity with which you read out the vows will surely touch your partner. Mean every word that you read out. Do not fumble and rush through. Make the moment as romantic as possible

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