Choose The Right Bridal Footwear

Choosing the appropriate footwear for your wedding is extremely important. They not only should match your dress, but also should look stylish and should be comfortable to slip on into.

Here are some points, which will help you choose the right footwear.


If your would be husband is very short, make sure you go in for flats. If your partner does not mind you looking taller then him, you can then resort to heels.


If your gown is above your ankles, go in for flattering heels. If your gown is a flowing robe, heels may be a risky choice, as there are chances of you tripping over it. So it is best to go in for something flat.


If you are not very comfortable with heels go in for flats, which come out in beautiful designs.

Whatever choice you make, always keep in mind that the choice of your footwear will affect your entire day ahead. You may have to meet friends and relatives, schedule sessions with the photographer, dance with your partner, walk down the aisle and also walk the wedding march.

Make sure you check out the comfort level of the footwear before buying it. Also, practice by walking around in the footwear a day before the wedding. Ensure that you do not get a shoe bite, carry antiseptic creams with you on the day of your wedding. You never know when it may come handy to you.


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