How To MC a Wedding

How Too Be A Great MC at a Wedding

There are times when relatives and friends request us to be the MC (Master of Ceremony) at their wedding. Being an MC is a important task and requires preparation before in hand. Being aware of the bride and groom’s family structure and their parents is a must.

The entire flow of events is in the hands of the MC. Here are some points which an MC needs to keep in mind while hosting a wedding.


 Always remember that you are hosting an event for somebody else, never ever take up the stage to draw attention to your self


 Be aware of the wedding schedule and be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes delays may occur; you should know how to handle the guests then.


 Make sure you get the details of the bride and groom right, so that you don’t mess up with their introductions on the day of their wedding.


 Keep the guests engaged when the bride is delayed due to some reason.


 Be ready with back up plans; get hold of some anecdotes and jokes  which you can use to entertain the guests.


 Ensure that those who have to get their speeches are ready and introduce them in accordance to their schedule.


 Be warm towards the group and in a very pleasant and jovial manner introduce the couple.


 Your introduction should be in such a way that the people feel warm towards the couple.


 Make sure the wedding march occurs in the right order.


 Keep directing the guests as to when they have to wish the couple and when they can go in for their lunch or dinner.


 Encourage the guests to use the dance floor without being rude.

Keep these points in mind and have a lovely time hosting the wedding.



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