How To Select A Bridal Tiara

A tiara is known to be the “Princess of Headpieces” and is said to add a very impressive look to the bride. A tiara can be worn with or without veil. However there are different types of tiaras based on the shape of one’s face.

Also, a tiara helps a bride look really beautiful; the veil on the other hand can be used only during the wedding ceremony in the church, and will be removed at the reception. The tiara on the other hand will stay on your head throughout the day.

It is very important that one chooses the right kind of a tiara to enhance their bridal look.

Here are some tips, which will help you choose the right kind of a tiara.

  • Keep in mind the kind of hairstyle you would be going in for and then choose your tiara.
  • Also buy a tiara on the basis of the gown you are wearing, if it is a ivory white gown, go in for a white stone studded tiara, if it is a off white gown, a pearl studded tiara will look great.
  • Those who have a long face cut should go in for a tiara with less height.
  • Brides with round faces should go in for a tiara with some height.
  • Brides with a oval face cut should go in for a headband type of a tiara, also a back piece or a forehead piece will look great.

The bride who wears a tiara looks like a beautiful queen. So make sure the right kind of tiara is bought, keeping in mind the above points.

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