Make-Up Must Haves for Brides

To ensure you look like an ultimate dream girl on your wedding day, you need to have all your things right – your gown, your jewelry and accessories and your make-up. Many women mess up real bad in this department. So if you are one of those brides-to-be who is unsure of her makeup for the d-day. Here is a must-haves list that you can get. Remember if you have the right weapons the war is half won.

Here is the checklist of your bridal makeup essentials.

  1. Waterproof Mascara – Weddings are touchy and teary moments for many women. For such a day, it is better to be prepared with waterproof mascara. You might want to experiment with other colors but black or natural brown are best to wear.
  2. Eye shadows – For your wedding day eye shadows are also very very important. You need to have predominantly three shades. One nice reflective shimmery white color base shadow to go with your gown. A nice dark chocolate brown contour shadow and a frosty non-shimmery white color as a highlighter underneath your brows.
  3. Foundation Primer – Foundation primer is essential for you even if you have a flawless blemish free skin. Foundation evens out your complexion and helps you look beautiful and glowy in your photographs.
  4. Concealer – Conceal your blemishes and dark circles with a concealer. Your foundation is incomplete without your concealer.
  5. Blusher/Bronzer – If you have a very pale complexion then you better go for a pinkish or berry colored blush for your cheeks. But if you have slightly pinkish complexion then its better to go for a bronzer.
  6. Pencil Eyeliner – To give you naturally beautiful eyes, better to prefer waterproof pencil eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner. It not only gives you a long lasting look but also prevents you from looking very artificially made up especially if don’t have an expert hand with liquid eyeliner.
  7. Long Lasting Lipstick – Many women are tempted to have glossy lips for their wedding but trust me the photographs don’t really catch it well. So better to stick to a non-transfer lipsticks. In natural plum and pink colors.
  8. Eyelash Curler – Curled eyelashes will make your lashes look longer and your eyes more defined in your wedding photos.
  9. Perfume – Invest in a very good perfume that you feel fresh in. But don’t overdo it. Spritzing your hair and skin with a little of it would do.
  10. Shimmer/Body Glitter – If you have an off shoulder gown it would be great to have some body glitter over your hands and shoulders to give you a sparkling look. Have a fine shimmer and sweep a wee bit across your cheekbones to give you a glowy look.

Wish you all the best for the day!

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