Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Veil

The wedding veil forms an important part of a bride’s wedding apparel. You may not have enough time to decide on the kind of veil that you want or the kind that would suit you best. These tips can lead you to the right place at the right time, to choose the best wedding veil that you could ever possess.

Types of wedding veils:

The Blusher Veil: This one is traditionally of short length and is worn over the head and shoulder. It is meant to cover the face of the bride and lifted by the groom only when the two swear in as a wedded couple.
The Elbow Length Veil: This one is a little less formal and is worn with a gown without a trail.
The Finger Tip Length Veil: This is usually for formal and semi-formal weddings.
The Chapel: This one is inviting for a formal wedding. It falls to the floor or is just above the floor.
The Cathedral Veil: This veil is for a formal wedding. It is worn over the head and follows the gown like a trail.

Tips to help you choose a veil:

If the dress is over-elaborate, buy a simple veil.
If you want to show off the back of your gown then go for a short veil and vice versa.
If your gown is simple then fetch an elaborate veil.

Tips to take care of your veil:

Steam the veil with a steaming iron.
Steam up the shower by leaving the hot water on. Hang the veil in the shower and steam it up in yet another way.
Send your veil to the dry cleaners and have it pressed and steamed.

This special day is completely yours. Dress with pride and confidence, and you will surely beam with magnificence.

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