Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

In days gone by, the bride did all the planning by herself with the help of family and friends, with some brides taking leave from their jobs to be able to take care of the wedding details. Today’s bride is much luckier with access to wedding planners whose job it is to do the major part of the planning for your big day. Do you need a wedding planner? Well, the answer would probably be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ depending on what you have in mind for the big event.

To ascertain whether you do need a wedding planner, it is good that you ask yourself a few questions first and see if having a planner will indeed save you costs or will it save you nothing and yet cost you the planner’s fee.

Size of the event

For those saying their vows at city hall and then having dinner or lunch with a party of no more than 10 of really good friends and family, having a planner is quite redundant. But for those hosting a large party of more than 50 people with all the details and markings of weddings which may include but is not limited to a different venue for the saying of the vows and the reception, a wedding planner may come in handy.

For the latter, the planner will help with the smaller details for hosting such a large group of people and will make sure that your schedule as a bride is running smoothly. If you have no party planning skills, developing them by using your wedding as the test subject is not a good idea and I highly recommend that you find a wedding planner.


The aspect of time is in two categories, the first being how much time do you have between the engagement and the actual wedding. Less than six months for a big wedding is not enough to get all the details ready unless you have a really big budget and do not mind spending the money. Even with six months, you may still need a wedding planner to offer some help.

The other aspect of time is the time to deal with the wedding details such as caterers, search for a venue, cake tasting. In addition to that, there are things which you must do such as dress fittings and registering for the wedding to get a marriage license. If you have a full time job of nine to five, this may not be possible and you need someone who can go to see these people during working hours which you yourself are not available for and that is where a wedding planner will come in handy.

Family situation

Now some people may want to save as much as possible and may think of using various family members to help with the planning details. This will work if the parties are willing to go along with the idea and there is no tension between them. But when certain members do not exactly get along, to avoid all the fuss that will result from using someone while leaving out someone else, you may need a planner.

The only way you will avoid this kind of drama is if both parties stay as much out of each other’s way as possible and the objective eye of the wedding planner is left to make the decisions. You do not need angry relatives at the wedding and so if it turns out that your brother has slept with two of your best friends and four of your fiancé’s cousins, please do not try to involve them all in the wedding, no matter how much they assure you that everything is cool.


Wedding planners are like the circle around which all players in the wedding industry rotate and have deep fountains of knowledge on the issues concerning weddings. They will be able to get you unbelievable bargains out of unbelievable people and if you can but shell out a few extra bucks, they will make it worth your while. So do you need a wedding planner? My opinion is if you want to retain your sanity in this crazy world and still have your dream wedding, then the answer is ‘yes’. But if you think you can do it yourself, why not give it a try? If it fails, you can always hire one midway, they are good with crisis situations as well.

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