Outfit Suggestions for the Mother of Bride

It’s a proud moment for a mother to see her daughter walk the aisle dressed like a princess. Mothers tend to be so worried about their bride-to-be daughters that they tend to take into account the minutest details of their trousseau and their wedding dress. Unfortunately, most of them pay little attention to their own dresses for their daughter’s wedding.

You really need to put all your management skills to use to get yourself a dress for your daughter’s wedding.

It is rather difficult for mothers to look their best and still not outshine the bride or stick to theme with others.

But don’t worry. If something is difficult,  it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Your dress for the wedding needs a little planning and that would be able to put all your worries off.

Firstly, choose the color you are planning to wear. If its an outdoor wedding party, people are likely to wear lighter and more neutral shades. While if it’s a night party, people turn up wearing darker and brighter colors.
Secondly, get in touch with the bridesmaids and find out what their dress plans for the day are. This would help you chose a color that wouldn’t stand out from the rest of the crowd and get you unwanted attention.
Thirdly, if you are pals with the groom’s mother you can inquire what her plans for her dress are. So that you don’t end up wearing the same color as her.
Fourthly, its good to wear something simple yet elegant. Avoid dresses with heavy accessories or frills.

Good presence of mind and a little planning will surely win you loads of compliments while your daughter becomes the cynosure of all eyes on her wedding.

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