What Makeup Style to Try for your Wedding?

Make-up is a very tricky department. You need to be very sure of the look you would want to sport for your wedding, before you actually put your make-up on. Some brides blindly trust the professional make-up artistes. But even, then you have to keep in mind how you would like to look on your wedding.

Here are three main makeup styles that you can choose from –

1.    Soft and Natural Look – Make-up needn’t be always obvious and loud. Some people can get away with soft and natural make-up. However, natural doesn’t mean no-makeup. The idea is to bring out your natural beauty, neutralizing any distractions. Many people believe that the natural look works best for people who have a naturally beautiful skin and good features. But that is not so, it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of make-up to create a dewy and soft natural make-up look.
2.    Professional and Finished Look – This look can be best achieved by a skilled professional make-up artist. It is the most camera friendly look that is usually sported by all the models and actresses. The whole idea is to create a balance between the best and worst features of the face and not highlight only one feature. Since this is a camera friendly make-up the shades used are usually neutrals and pinks as in the soft and natural look.
3.    Dramatic and Glamorous Look – Dramatic and glamorous makeup would be bold and hot. Many people mistake it for applying too much make-up and end up looking like clowns.

In the posts that follow we will discuss these looks at length and give you tips on how to create the look.

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