Soft and Natural Bridal Make-up

As already established in a previous post, natural look doesn’t mean a no-makeup look. It means having a look that enhances your natural beauty and glow. You should use brands that are accepting and conducive for your skin type and tone. This is the one day you should be willing to spend a little extra for products designed specifically for people like you.

We will concentrate on the face and neck for the make-up keeping in mind that on their wedding day some people may opt for making up other parts of their bodies as well, just to get that complete look. The soft and natural look is mostly done in nude colors where your actual skin can shine through, so you might want to start preparing you skin to glow months before the wedding. So if you want this look for your wedding, a healthy looking skin is a must and preparation should start immediately after the engagement.

Tips to achieve the look

Begin by
-Cleaning, toning and moisturizing the face and neck areas. Get off all the dirt, oil that is there and whatever else may be festering there.

–Then apply foundation with a foundation brush. Make sure the foundation is slightly darker if not the exact shade as your skin. You want to keep it this way so you do not look like your face was transported from a lighter body. Keep it to the minimal though.

– Concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation. It is good to conceal your under-eye dark circles, and blemishes. Apply a coat of a translucent powder. This is meant for those who have uneven skin tone; it helps to even things out.

– Use a soft brown eyebrow pencil and simulate the arch of your eyebrows. We are using brown instead of black in order to avoid any form of exaggeration. If you already have thick eyebrows, just have them shaped and leave it at that, add nothing to them.

Eye Shadow
– Bridal eye shadows should be slightly shimmery. For a natural look, you can use shades like pink and peach. Dusky skinned women can use bronze and slightly brighter shade of pink. So take a shimmery pink eye shadow and sweep it across your entire eyelid. Use a frosty highlighter right under your brow.

– Take a brown/ natural black pencil eyeliner and apply it over your upper lashes. Make sure you keep the line close. In fact line within your lashes to create an illusion of thick eyelashes. Apply a subtle line on your lower lashes too.

– Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. And apply a coat of black mascara. Stay away from any unnatural colors of mascara such as purple, blue, etc

– Use a very light shade of pink as a blush and sweep it across your cheeks. Dusky girls can use a darker peach color on their cheeks. Use a highlighter over your cheekbones to make you look a glowing bride. Keep it to the minimum though as since you will already be excited, your natural blush should be able to peek through. For the black women with dark skin tone, I suggest you stay away from this altogether or have it professionally done to get it just right.

– If you are fair, you can use a nice rosy pink color on your lips. Dusky girls can go for plums, or slightly neutral pinks. Peach would also look good on you. Try staining your lips with the color lipstick for completing the soft natural look. If you are undecided, then choose a shade of lip gloss with color that closely resembles your natural lip color and you are set to go.

Most make up brands make understated make up products and these are what you should be looking out for. If you intend to pull off the natural look then it should be in compliment to the rest of your bridal outfit. It is best where the dress has a large amount of sparkling detail, or if you are attempting a medieval theme, it would look wonderful.

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