Professional and Finished Bridal Makeup

Makeup is just not all about applying color on your face. Instead, you should look to achieve three objectives:

• Enhance your facial features equally so that the entire face draws attention.

• Use the right color intensity that compliments your skin tone as well as your outfit. The Mary Kay website offers a make over application one can use to try on different sorts of make up using available models to see what suits them best.

• The makeup should be applied with an intensity slightly raised than the actual intensity of your features.

• And for staying power of the make up through out the ceremony, reception and night, you can use a primer in preparation to the wedding and make up finishing spray like the one offered by Skindinavia on the D-day after applying the make up.

Here are some tips apart from the regular instructions to achieve a precise and professional bridal makeup

1. Choose lip color that complements your natural lip color and doesn’t contrast it too strongly.

2. Let the lip color be the first thing you apply after your foundation, so that you can match the intensity of your lip color and your eye makeup.

3. Put the blush last because you need to make sure that the intensity of the blush is half of the color of your lip color and eye makeup.

4. In a professional finished make-up, the idea is to create an illusion and not make things obvious.

5. Everything right from the lip-color, the eye makeup, and the blush, is well coordinated with the outfit.

6. Professional makeup artists make use of cake eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner to get greater precision and perfection.

7. Fake eyelashes also help them create the illusion of dense eyelashes.

8. This make up is very camera friendly and comes out beautifully in photographs. A lot of emphasis is laid on the right shade of foundation so that you don’t look caked up. The idea is to avoid a pinkish toned foundation and try something slightly darker than your skin tone and blend it as good as you can.

9. Professional makeup sometimes also requires the artists to play up certain features like lips by extending them way beyond their natural existence, in order to create balance.

10. Some professional artists insist on changing your hair color and eye color in order to bring out the best in you.

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  1. Doro said on May 30, 2011

    Thank you for these tips. My best friend gets married, and I can use these tips very well :)

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