5 Useful Tips for a Monsoon Wedding

Though monsoon is not ideally considered the best time for wedding, the season itself is associated with romance and love. A monsoon wedding can provide the ideal setting for a couple who are looking forward to spend their life together. If one can make some prior plannings followed with arrangements, even a wedding in monsoon can be an event to look forward to. A monsoon wedding can be a lot of fun.

Useful Tips for Wedding:

To make your wedding a memorable event for you and your guests, preparations have to be made in advance. It is important that you select your marriage venue atleast one month before the wedding day and your menu well in advance.

Listed below are some of the tips that you may find useful while arranging a wedding during monsoon:

  • An Outdoor Wedding:

    If you are thinking of taking an oath amidst a light drizzle in the middle of a park then you should arrange for a gazebo. This will ensure that the most special day of your life with your sweet heart does not get spoilt by heavy shower or drizzle.

  • Accessibility of the Venue:

    During monsoon commuting becomes generally difficult. While selecting the venue for your wedding, you can try to select a place that is easily accessible to you and your guests.

  • Covered Entrance:

    Getting married under a gazebo amidst a green setting is really romantic, but it is not a great idea to let your guests get wet in the rain. You can provide a shade to the path leading to the gazebo.

  • Short and Fashionable Attire:

    To avoid getting your clothes soiled at the bottom, ladies can wear short gowns. Gents can be requested to wear long boots over their trousers. See, if they can be persuaded to carry colorful umbrellas to make the event more exciting. Not only do these creative ‘dress codes’ add a fresh appeal to your wedding, it will also set the perfect mood for everybody to enjoy a special ‘monsoon wedding’.

  • Choosing the Right Menu:

    While attending the ceremony, the chances of your guests getting wet is more. You can think of keeping rum and brandy in your menu so that your guests do not feel cold. You can also include some popular fried foods in your menu as nothing tastes better, while it is raining, than munching on crispy golden-brown prawns or chickens.

In between all the arrangements and taking care of your guests, do not forget to enjoy your own wedding. A monsoon wedding can be a truely unique and memorable event once you enjoy the rain with your newly wed.

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