How not to Become a Bridezilla

A bridezilla is a term given to a demanding bride-to-be who is obsessed with the ‘idea of having a perfect wedding’. It is natural for a would-be bride to want a dream wedding for herself. In certain cases the obsession for a perfect wedding reach such an unreasonable state that the real purpose for wanting to get married gets lost.

How to Control Your Temper?

The first thing that you can do  is to understand your own limitations. By going overboard -spending too much, trying to do everything by yourself, etc. can put you under more stress.

Below are some important tips that can help you to keep your ‘overshooting adrenalin’ at check:

  • Invest in Your Relationship:

    Instead of spending your entire time trying to make everything perfect for your wedding day, you can spend some ‘intimate and quality’ time with your would-be. You may like to talk about your life together – this way you can get to know his expectations from the marriage as well. It can also help you to build a strong foundation for your future life together.

  • Learn to Delegate:

    Experts suggest you can avoid  putting unnecessary pressure on yourself  by learning to delegate your duties among your friends and family members. You can be surprised by their reactions – afterall who does not want to get involved in a wedding? It may surely improve your relationship with them and may help you to plan better for your wedding!

  • Begin Your Shopping in Advance:

    If you want a perfectly-fitting wedding dress, start shopping atleast 6 month’s in advance. You might be surprised by the number of times that you might need to fit into your new dress.

  • Avoid Looking for Perfection:

    You can do yourself much good if you try not to attempt for the ‘perfect wedding’. A wedding can be perfect only if you two love each other and are happy with each other. Afterall it is the celebration of your union. Does it matter whether you are getting married under a tree or in a 5-star hotel, as long as you two love each other?

  • Keep a Backup Plan Ready:

    Remember, this is a wedding. Anything might go wrong -your flowers might not reach on time or electric supply may shut down. It will surely help you if you are prepared with a second plan.

  • Work Out Any Disagreement:

    If you lose your temper in an argument, do not forget to apologize immediately. Afterall you are starting a new life with your man, you need blessings and good wishes from everybody.

Preparation for your wedding day should be fun. You are going to spend the rest of your life as a couple. If  preparation and execution of your wedding finishes on a happy note, your wedding becomes a part of a happy memory.

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