Wedding Bouquet and its Various Styles

Most brides want a dream wedding and selecting the most appropriate wedding bouquet forms an important part of it. Selecting the right bouquet is as important as setting the date and selecting the perfect wedding gown. Can you imagine walking down the aisle without a beautiful wedding bouquet? Again, can you kill the hope of a beautiful maiden who is waiting to grab the wedding bouquet?

Various Styles of Wedding Bouquet:

Listed below are some popular styles of Wedding bouquets:

  • Cascade Bouquet:

    If you are going for a traditional or a formal wedding then this may be the bouquet style you are looking for. A cascade bouquet style can make you appear tall and slim because of the free flowing shape that manages to hold the attention of the eyes from top to bottom. In a cascade bouquet, the flowers are arranged downwards  resembling a ‘teardrop’ or a ‘waterfall’. Traditionally white colors flowers such as roses, white or calla lilies are beautifully blended with leaves.

  • Nosegay Bouquet:

    This is one of the most popular bouquet style of a South African wedding. It is also known as ‘tussie mussie’. Nosegay bouquet is perfect for a petite bride or her bridemaids because it consists of a small branch of flowers that is easy to carry.

  • Hand-tied Bouquet:

    If you are planning for a casual wedding – garden wedding or beach wedding, a hand-tied bouquet can be your choice. A hand-tied bouquet can give you the right grip to hold on to the bouquet because of the long stems tied together with a beautiful ribbon. This bouquet can give you a very classy and elegant look because of the clean, orderly way the flowers and other accessories are arranged.

  • Contemporary Bouquet:

    If you are looking for a cosmopolitan and sophisticated wedding and want to experience unconventional styles, designs or ideas then contemporary bouquet may be your choice. A contemporary bouquet does not follow any particular form. This bouquet is created with orchids, anthuriums, calla lillies, etc.

  • Pomander Bouquet:

    The pomander bouquet is very easy to carry because of the ribbon that is tied to the wrist of a bride from where it is left hanging. A pomander bouquet resembles a ball of flowers. A Pomander bouquet can look classy if you wear gloves and carry the ribbon in your hand or just slip it over your wrist.

Though a bouquet forms an integral part of your wedding, there is no need to be confused while selecting one. There are plenty of styles available – from classic to contemporary. Select a bouquet style that ‘echoes your style’ and which makes you feel great and confident.

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