Tips for Budget Wedding

Your budget wedding need not look inexpensive. With effective money-saving tricks and precise planning, your wedding day can be a memorable moment of your life without spending more than you can. If you start working on your planning part earlier you will be able to pay attention to every minute detail. In the absence of professional help, you can rely on your family and friends for their active support and advice.

Tips for Budget Wedding:

Listed below are some tips for budget wedding:

  • Wedding Dress:

    A hand-made wedding dress can be expensive. You can get a wedding dress at half the price if you buy a good second-hand dress. If the dress is not torn or otherwise damaged, you can sell it after the wedding is over or rent it to someone. You can also save money by hiring a beautiful wedding dress.

  • Wedding Reception:

    Another money saving idea is to keep your guest list small. Relatives and acquaintances you have not seen for quite a long time can be avoided. Cost cutting can also be done by arranging a buffet instead of  a full sit-down wedding meal. Your wedding venue can be arranged in a friend’s house, your own backyard or in a local club.

  • Professional Photographers:

    It can be expensive to hire a professional photographer for a whole day. One idea can be to take his service just for the wedding ceremony so that you can get the best shots of the most important part of your wedding. You can then rely on your family and friends to take wedding reception snaps. The other option is to find someone among your guests who is truely gifted in taking wedding snaps.

  • Invitation Cards:

    Majority of online stationery service providers allow free software with customized tools from where you can directly print invitation cards. You only have to pay for the envelops and the papers. You can also save money by making your own thank-you notes.

  • Wedding Flowers:

    Another good money saving trick is to keep your wedding decoration simple. Your wedding can be the occasion to show your creativity and imagination by arranging inexpensive flowers such as snowball mums, carnations, etc in an elegant way. Try to avoid a ‘February wedding’ when the prices of flowers are high because of Valentine’s day.

Wedding is the beginning of your new life together. A budget wedding allows you to start your  married life on a happy note without a large financial debt hanging over your head.

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