How to Choose the Right Wedding Music?

Every couple wishes for a perfect wedding. Wedding music plays a vital role in making it successful. Music is essential not only during the wedding ceremony but also during the wedding reception. Right kind of music can set the right mood for your wedding. It can create a “feel great” atmosphere. Choosing a wrong wedding music, on the other hand, can spoil the mood.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Music:

Since it is your wedding day, wedding music should reflect your true feelings and emotion.

Listed below are some tips that can help you choose the right wedding music:

  • Consider the Setting of Your Wedding

    : If you are going for a traditional wedding ceremony in a church or in a synagogue, religious music should go well. In case you need help selecting the right music, meeting your church pianist or organist can be an easy way to do it. He can help you choose the right piece for the processional and recessional. You can also consider taking suggestions from a vocalist or an accompanist. In case you are not going for a religious wedding, any kind of music that reflects good taste should go well.

  • Access the Local Music Store:

    You can also go to a local music store and browse the wedding section. In the wedding section, you can look for printed music that convey your feelings well. Your musicians may also need this printed music to work from.

  • Welcoming the Wedding Guests:

    While your guests are arriving, slow instrumental music like jazz can be played. Such instrumental music can make your guest feel relaxed and also set the right mood. Once the guests have settled in, songs like “The Look of Love”, “I Will Always Love You” can be performed solo.

  • At The Wedding Reception:

    At the reception, for your first dance together as a married couple, you can choose a song that reflects your personality – It can be a slow and romantic dance number or a crazy or wild one. In addition, you can also choose a song and dedicate it to both of your families together as a couple.

Too much music can tire you and your guests. Your wedding music should not overshadow the most important day of your life; rather it should enhance your wedding.

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