Choosing Your Wedding Attendants

A wedding can be incomplete without bridesmaids surrounding a bride or without the presence of best man and grooms men. It can give a comfortable feeling to the bride and the groom to be surrounded by familiar and caring faces. Choosing wedding attendants can be tricky if you come from a large family and do not want to hurt anyone! After all, you cannot include everyone as your wedding attendant!

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Attendants:

Listed below are some tips to help you choose your wedding attendants:

  • Choose People You Can Trust:

    You should choose people who you know best, on whom you can trust and around whom you feel most comfortable. After all, this is your wedding day. Your family and closest friends can be your first consideration. Choosing between your friends can be somewhat difficult because you may have to give explanations to those whom you do not want to choose as your wedding attendants.

  • Consider the Situation of Others:

    While selecting groomsmen and brides maid, you may consider giving it some serious thought. For example, you can start by asking yourself questions – Will she be able to afford to give the time you require? Can she afford the travel expense? Or can she afford the expenses of the dresses and accessories? This way you can avoid putting your family or your best friends in an awkward situation if you think about the demands that you might be placing on them.

  • Choose People Who Know Each Other:

    You can consider selecting people as your wedding attendants who know each other and can get along well with each other. The last thing that you want on your wedding day is playing mediator between your wedding attendants!

  • Think About Your Own Expectation:

    Before asking your friends as wedding attendant, you can consider giving consideration about what you expect from them. Do you need them to give you moral support or for hands-on help on your wedding day? Do you need them to give you company for multiple visits to your designer for dress fittings?

  • Keep Communication Clear:

    The success of your wedding day depends on how far you can explain your ideas and expectations to the attendants. This can help your attendants if know the roles they have to play in your wedding. Your attendants should have clear picture of what you want from them. You do not want any last minute tension.

  • Limit the Number of Your Attendants:

    You might try to limit the number of your wedding attendants, if you have budgetary constraints. It is customary to buy bouquets for your bridesmaids and a wedding gift for each attendant.

While selecting your wedding attendants, try to be sensitive to their feelings. You can explain your reasons of not including them. If possible, you may try to include them in some other events in your wedding. You and your life partner need blessings and good wishes from everybody.

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