Etiquette for Second Wedding

Is life giving you a second chance to be happy? Having thoughts whether to throw your chance away or grab it with both hands?Confused what is proper and what is not proper for your second wedding? Wedding etiquette can give you the necessary courage and confidence to face your situation in a sensible manner. Knowledge of wedding etiquette can help you tide over rough waters by reducing the pressure on you.

Etiquette for Second Wedding:

Listed below are wedding etiquette that you may find effective in your second wedding:

  • Prepare Your Children and Family:

    Your children could be your first priority with whom you may want to share your decision of remarriage. They need time to get used to the idea of having a new family and you may want to make it easier for them. Next, you may want to inform your own parents. You may also want to invite your ex-husband. If you had a divorce, you may still want to maintain a civil relationship with your ex-spouse for the sake of your children.

  • Select Your Gown:

    While selecting gown, you may want to avoid the color that can bring back memories of your previous wedding. With experience and maturity on your side, you can be creative in the selection of color for your wedding gown. You can choose jewel tone gowns in silver, gold, pearl color, etc that can truly reflect your personal style and look great on you.

  • Prepare Your Guest List Carefully:

    While preparing guest list for your second wedding, you can invite only family and close friends. You may want to avoid inviting your ex-spouses and former in-laws. Your new in-laws and soon-to-be spouse may feel awkward in front of them. You may also consider explaining the awkwardness of the situation to your children also.

  • Discuss Wedding Expenses:

    It is normal to discuss your wedding expenses privately with your would-be spouse. You may consider opening a ‘wedding bank account’. A wedding bank account can help you both keeping track of all your wedding expenses.

To make your second wedding successful, the most important thing that you can do to yourself is to avoid thinking about your first marriage. Start afresh and give yourself and your partner a fair chance and a new beginning to a new life.

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