Selecting a Wedding Date

After getting engaged, the next big decision you may want to take is selecting a wedding date. However simple it may seem, in reality it may require a lot of planning between you and your partner. After all, you may not be able to make other plans for your wedding without fixing a wedding date. Before selecting a wedding date, you may consider several factors. These can be your business or work commitments, time required for wedding preparation, selecting your wedding venue, etc.

Selecting a wedding Date:

Here are few tips that can help you in selecting a wedding date:

  • Business or Work Commitments:

    Before selecting your wedding date, you may want to ensure that you get time off from your business or work commitment. Assuming that you are a working professional, you can check with your boss so that your wedding date does not clash with your work commitment.

  • Wedding Preparation Time:

    Another important factor is to estimate the amount of time required for making wedding preparation. You may need to be careful while estimating time. For example, if you are planning a big formal wedding, a 4-6 month’s time period may not be enough. For this, you may require a year of planning and preparation.

  • Wedding Venues:

    It is natural that you may have a particular choice for your wedding venues – your favourite synagogue, church or a temple. You can check well in advance about the availability of dates and book your venue well in advance. This can ensure that the date is not filled the day you plan your wedding.

  • Choosing the Wedding Month:

    You can choose your favourite month as your wedding month. If you are a romantic, you may consider exchanging marital vows in a candlelit chapel with snows falling outside. On the other hand, if you are a downright practical person, you may choose November as your wedding month. This is because fewer people get married in November than summer or fall. This can increase your chance of getting booking in your favourite wedding venue.

  • Choosing the Wedding Day:

    If you are planning to cut cost, why not consider selecting Saturday afternoon or Friday night as your wedding day? You may get some price negotiation on such days as Saturday is considered the busiest day for banquet owner or wedding vendors.

So, start planning well in advance to choose the most appropriate wedding date. With lady luck smiling on you both, everyone will enjoy your wedding including you and your would-be!

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